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By David French

Leaving Home tells the tale of the Mercers, a Newfoundland family members that has misplaced its approach after emigrating. The sequel, Of the Fields, Lately, unearths son Ben returning domestic to discover his mom attempting to maintain his father after a middle assault. Rounding out the trilogy is the prequel, Salt-Water Moon, concentrating on Mary, a fierce teen with “steel in her heart.” Brilliantly mixing comedy and tragedy, those very important realist performs look for the 1st time jointly during this illustrated version, with a brand new creation by means of the writer and a foreword via Arthur Schultz.

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Throughout the following scene she units 5 areas along with her solid glasses, silverware, and plates. BEN (slight pause) Billy’s correct, isn’t he? What’d I do, mother? MARY Take it up along with your father. I’m uninterested in being the center guy. BEN Is it as a result of final evening? (slight pause) it truly is, isn’t it? MARY He t’inks you didn’t wish him there, Ben. He t’inks you’re ashamed of him. BEN He wouldn’t have long past, mother. That’s the single cause I by no means invited him. MARY He may have went, final evening. BEN (angrily) He’s by no means even been to at least one awful mom and dad’ evening in 13 years. now not one! And he calls me opposite! MARY You take heed to me. Your father by no means obtained previous Grade T’ree. He used to be yanked out of faculty and made to paintings. In these days, again domestic, he used to be fortunate to get that a lot and don’t child your self. BEN Yeah? So? MARY So? So he’s afraid to. He’s fearful of protruding. Is that so demanding to appreciate? Is it? BEN What’re you getting offended approximately? All I acknowledged used to be — MARY you assert he don’t take an curiosity, yet he used to be proud adequate to teach off your record playing cards all these years. i assume with you that don’t count number for a lot. BEN o.k.. yet he by no means is going at any place with out you, mother, and final evening you have been the following on the bathe. MARY final evening was once diversified, Ben, and also you should comprehend that. It was once your highschool commencement. He could have went with me or with no me. If you’d merely requested him. A truck horn blasts two times. There he's now within the driveway. no matter what occurs, don’t fall for his outdated methods. He’ll be trying to find a struggle, and doing his most sensible to discover any excuse. (calling) Billy, you listen that? Don’t whinge concerning the sneakers, as soon as your father comes! BEN (urgently) mother, there’s whatever i need to inform you earlier than Dad is available in. MARY convinced, my son. pass forward. I’m listening. What’s in your brain? BEN good . . . MARY (smiling) Come on. It can’t be that undesirable. BEN (slight pause) i need to maneuver out, mother. MARY (almost inaudibly) . . . What? BEN I acknowledged i would like to maneuver out. MARY (softly, as she units the cutlery) I heard you. (pause) What for? BEN I simply imagine it’s time. I’ll be nineteen quickly. (pause) I’m relocating in with Billy and Kathy and aid pay the hire. (pause) I won’t be far-off. I’ll see you on weekends. (MARY nods. ) mother? MARY (absently) What? BEN Will you inform Dad? (slight pause) mother? Did you listen me? MARY I heard you. He’ll be disappointed, i will inform you. through rights you must inform him your self. BEN If I do, we’ll simply get in an immense struggle and also you understand it. He’ll take it higher, coming from you. front door opens, and JACOB MERCER enters whistling “I’s the b’y. ” he's fifty, notwithstanding he seems to be older. he's wearing a peaked cap, carpenter’s overalls, thick-soled workboots, and a lumberjack blouse over a T-shirt. below one arm he incorporates his black lunch pail. MARY Your go well with! I knowed it! JACOB Don’t get in an uproar, now. I left it sitting at the entrance seat of the truck. (He seems to be at BEN, then again to MARY. ) Is Billy domestic? MARY He’s within the bed room, sharpening your sneakers. JACOB (crosses to the bed room door) Billy, my son, pop out a second. invoice enters, sporting a shoe brush.

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