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By Andrew B. Carey, Janet Kershner, Brian Biswell, Laura Domínguez de Toledo

Summary: Understandingecological tactics and their spatial scales is essential to handling ecosystems for
biodiversity, specially for species linked to late-seral wooded area. We interested by 2 species of squirrel (Sci-
uridae: northern flying squirrel, Glaucomys sabrinus, and Townsend's chipmunk,Tamias townsendii) in a
cross-sectional survey of controlled and naturalstandsin southwestern Oregon in the course of 1985-89.

We measured plants and abundances of squirrelsat >2,000 pointsin 19 stands in three seral stages.We defined the diets of the squirrels within the stands. We analyzed information at aspect, stand, and level scales to spot key procedures contributing to biodiversity and scales at which emergent homes (synergistic results) appeared.

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